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Psychic Humor: Part 1

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I’ve lived in Omaha my whole life and it’s where I do the majority of my work as a psychic medium. However, I do travel often to conduct psychic events in various cities around the country. While on the road (and in the air) I’ve experienced some funny, silly, scary, and memorable moments. Sometimes, not even a psychic can predict the unexpected shenanigans that take place while travelling. Here is a memorable occurrence that took place while conducting one of my events in Kansas City. The show was nearly over, and I chose one final lady in the audience to give a psychic reading to. It was a...

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E is for Empathy

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This is a sample chapter from my book titled Inspiration: A to Z. Some sources define empathy as “the ability to share and understand the feelings of another.” If you feel empathy to the extreme, you could be labeled an empath. It’s a word that’s regularly tossed around spiritual and metaphysical circles because being an empath is actually a form of intuition – it’s a type of psychic ability. Nearly everybody possesses empathy on some level, but being an empath is a whole other ball game. It comes with benefits and drawbacks, but when empathic abilities are used correctly, they can be...

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11:11 and the Spiritual Significance of Numbers

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Does it make you giddy when you see the time 11:11 on the clock? Does it put a smile on your face when you glance at your watch when it’s precisely 4:44? Do you find special meaning in the numbers 222, 333, or the time 12:34? If you find significance in seeing these numbers, you’re not alone. Many of us seem to be programmed to notice our “lucky numbers” when we see them in our surroundings. It often happens when you look at the clock, but many of us also see them on license plates, billboards, bumper stickers, and even the totals on our grocery receipts. The real question is . . . what does...

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10 Secrets of a Professional Psychic Medium

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When we have an experience, we usually only perceive the event through our own eyes. Those who have met with me for a psychic reading know what it’s like to be on the receiving end when I relay messages from their loved ones in Heaven. They’ve experienced the life coaching, guidance, predictions, and spiritual insights I offer. These individuals know what it’s like to receive a psychic reading, but they’ve never viewed the process through my eyes. If you’ve ever wondered what goes through my head before, during, and after a day of psychic sessions, then this blog is for you. This is a...

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Animal Spirit Guides

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Animal Spirit Guides (An excerpt from my upcoming book on spirit guides and angels) By Andy Myers An animal spirit guide (otherwise known as a “totem”) is a creature you felt very connected to in a recent past lifetime. Generally speaking, our more recent incarnations influence us more than ancient ones. Therefore, your soul would be more familiar with your favorite animal from an incarnation in the 1800s than a species you associated with in the 1200s. Since you’ve lived multiple lifetimes, it’s possible to have more than one animal spirit guide. I once read a lady named Cecelia, and...

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