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Long and Winding Psychic Journey

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Well, the votes are in! According to the Facebook poll from last night, the majority of you asked for this blog to be about how I discovered I was psychic. It’s not really an overly-dramatic story, but I hope you find some of it relevant to your own experiences. I remember being a child and having several occurrences where I knew what was going to happen before it happened. It was mostly simple things such as knowing who was calling when the phone was ringing, or knowing what a person was about to do or say next. As a child, I would sometimes sense the presence of a spirit in the room with...

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How Many Guardian Angels Can One Person Have?

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I have four guardian angels, and my wife has five. We trade them back and forth like kids used to do with baseball cards. When I have a challenging day ahead of me and need some extra spiritual guidance, I’ll ask to borrow two or three of Kenzie’s guides. I promise to return them by midnight, and agree to pay the late fee if I forget to give them back.

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