When people schedule a psychic reading with me, my job is to relay as much validating and specific information as possible from their loved ones in Heaven. The goal? To provide proof of an afterlife; to provide evidence that our departed friends and family are still with us in spirit and see what we’re up to on a daily basis. But, sometimes you don’t even need the help of a psychic medium to receive a little sign or message from Heaven. They’re capable of bypassing a middle-man like myself and delivering the message themselves. Here’s one such story that proves how spirits can grab our attention using highly creative methods.

My sister, Elizabeth, had been dating Nate for several years. He finally popped the question, and did so on a meaningful day. It would have been my Grandma Myers’ birthday, to be exact. Nate proposed to my sister using Grandma’s old wedding ring that he happened to acquire from my mom. My family was incredibly close to Grandma Myers when she was alive, so Nate won some serious brownie points for orchestrating this little stunt. My sister cried, they hugged, she said yes, and the rest of us were thrilled.

The very next day, my sister was at our shared office, and she was conducting intuitive healing sessions. Between clients, Elizabeth was out near the lobby. Her next client was idly browsing through our library of books that were available to borrow. Elizabeth’s client grabbed a random book and flipped open to the middle. A loose picture that had been sandwiched in the book fell to the floor. With a puzzled look on her face, Elizabeth’s client bend over to pick up the old photo. Gazing at the picture, the client saw a father holding his newborn child. The baby almost looked familiar.

“Is that you? As a baby?” Looking perplexed, the client handed my sister the weathered photograph.

“Oh my God,” Elizabeth whispered. “That’s my dad. He died when I was only twelve years old. This photo was probably taken the day I was born.” Elizabeth felt a lump in her throat. Having had nearly two decades to grieve Dad’s death, Elizabeth was surprised at the flood of emotions this photo induced. “He looks so young,” Elizabeth said to her client, as they both stared down at the picture.

Our dad had a pretty good sense of humor. I’m sure he was chuckling to himself seeing the look on Elizabeth’s face when her client handed over the photo. What set of circumstances caused that particular photo to be in that particular book, we may never know. Nobody had read that book in years. We couldn’t figure out how a picture of Dad holding Elizabeth could’ve gotten in there. Yet, one thing was certain. Our dad subconsciously influenced Elizabeth’s client to pick up that exact book on that exact day, therefore causing the old picture to fall out.

It was Dad’s way of saying “congratulations on the engagement.” And, boy, was he punctual. Elizabeth had just gotten engaged the previous night! I joked that a “congratulations” from Heaven arrives here quicker than a congratulations card through the U.S. Postal Service. Good thing it didn’t require postage. Can you imagine how much a postcard from Heaven would cost to ship?

As you can imagine, it must be bittersweet for a father to see his only daughter on the verge of getting married. It must make dads feel sentimental and nostalgic, as they remember when their precious little girl was just a baby. Time passes by so quickly, and Elizabeth was now a grown woman who would soon be exchanging her wedding vows. Finding the photograph of Dad holding Elizabeth as a newborn was his way of saying she’ll always be “daddy’s little girl,” in his eyes.