Many people ask me questions about my personal life, my background, etc. There’s more to me than my profession as a psychic medium, author, and speaker. Like you, I DO have a life outside my work. In an effort to help you all get to know me better, here are some fun-facts you might not have known . . .

  1. I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, and have lived here my whole life.
  2. I’ve traveled to around 30 states and it’s on my bucket list to see all 50.
  3. Pizza is my favorite food (sorry to be so predictable).
  4. Fall is my favorite season and Halloween is probably my favorite holiday.
  5. Sometimes I secretly feel un-American because I don’t like baseball and I don’t eat steak (judge me if you want, but there are more cows on this planet and more seats available in the baseball stands because of me).
  6. I have a bit of anxiety when it comes to flying, and I once flew in a plane that was struck by lightning (thankfully I packed extra underwear).
  7. I have too many favorite movies to mention, but some of my favorites include: Avatar, Contact, iRobot, Forest Gump, Bridesmaids, Interstellar, and Arrival.
  8. Before becoming a full time psychic medium, speaker, and author, I was a social worker who worked at after school programs, youth facilities, and mental health programs.
  9. I’m not a morning person and require a lot of coffee to get moving for the day. At home, I drink my coffee plain and black, but if I pick up a drink from Starbucks or Scooters, I get the high-sugar crap that tastes like candy bars and has enough caffeine to make an elephant jittery.
  10. I once gave a psychic reading with my fly unzipped and didn’t realize it until the session was over.
  11. Sorry if it makes me sound like a grouch, but I’m easily annoyed by things that are trendy. I greatly admire people who think for themselves, because it’s harder to be a leader than it is to be a follower. Sometimes when social media outlets are filled with a trendy new fad, I’m baffled as I wonder, “How in the heck did this ever become a ‘thing’?”
  12. I’m more afraid of living people than I am of dead people. Living people can be scary, but spirits are often very friendly. In fact, some of them are too friendly (my wife’s guardian angel practically gave her a shoulder rub one time.) True story.
  13. I’ve had four surgeries – one on my back, two on my shins, and one to have my wisdom teeth pulled.
  14. My biggest pet peeves include people who text while driving, and people who make a mess of public restrooms. My biggest inspiration is random acts of kindness (they happen everywhere but sadly they rarely make the evening news).
  15. I’ve played soccer my whole life. The most goals I’ve ever scored in a game is five. But one time, my game ended with a score of 1-1 (I scored both goals). Yes, I accidentally scored on my own team and then later in the game I scored again to tie the game 1-1. It was pretty funny and a perfect example of karma.
  16. I have one tattoo – a soccer ball on my calf. My wife thinks it would be sexy if I got a sleeve of tattoos on my arm or leg. I told her I’m really not that bad-ass. Plus, if I got a sleeve of tattoos, I’d have to get some leather pants and a motorcycle. She doesn’t want me to have a motorcycle (and I don’t want to wear leather pants), so we’re at a standstill.
  17. My birthday is on February 17th. My mom says I was born at 11-something in the morning. I said that sounds about right since I’m really not that productive until mid-morning anyway.
  18. In school, writing and art classes were my favorites (and of course, recess). Math was my least favorite subject.
  19. I once locked myself out of my car twice in one week. Both times, my grandpa had to come save the day and bring a spare set of keys. I was mortified . . . and apparently not very intuitive that week. Haha!
  20. The person most similar to me is my wife. Kenzie is my best friend. We often think and act alike. We sometimes joke that she’s the female version of me and I’m the male version of her. If nothing else, we get each other’s jokes and our house is filled with lots of laughter.