If you’re looking to schedule a reading with a psychic medium in Omaha, there are plenty to choose from. Some of them can even accommodate you if you’re looking to be seen TODAY. But, in order to meet with a reputable psychic (or any respectable professional in their given field) you might have to wait a bit. Quality is worth waiting for. When you go to a popular restaurant at 7:00 on a Friday night, you can expect a half hour wait or so . . . and it’s well worth the wait when you take that first bite, isn’t it?

Patience is not a strength for many of us (myself included), and this is why I feel bad that my clients have to wait 2-4 months for their psychic reading with me after scheduling the session. Each week, month, and year, I give as many readings as possible without jeopardizing my health. Most years, I’m giving between 750 to 1,000 readings, including public gallery readings, small group sessions, and individual appointments. Plus, somewhere in there I carve out time to write and publish my books, plan my lectures, and travel to other cities. This year alone, I’m doing psychic medium shows in Nashville, Denver, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Des Moines, Portland, Boston, Milwaukee, and Nebraska City, not to mention over a dozen classes and events in Omaha at the Dream Weavers facility.

Most people who call my office to set up an appointment are aware of the wait, and don’t seem at all bothered by it. I’ve worked hard to decrease the wait time over the years. In the past, it’s been ridiculous at times, and people were waiting upwards of ten months for their session to take place. That was asking a lot of people and it was admittedly pretty absurd, so I’ve worked hard (very hard) to reduce that wait time by giving more and more readings each week. I can sometimes accommodate people for “emergency” sessions and meet with them on my day off, but it seems that lately more and more people are calling and saying their matter is urgent and that they’re in crisis and need to be seen as soon as possible. Perhaps it’s the state of the world we live in – a world of rushed lifestyles and instant gratification. I’m a big believer in the benefits of counseling and therapy. So, sometimes my office will insist a person consult with a counselor rather than a psychic. Each situation is unique of course, but it’s important that each person gets the correct type of services to help them.

At any rate, quality is worth waiting for, and I pride myself on delivering quality services. I wish there were more hours in the day to accommodate everyone immediately, but please know I’m working as hard as possible so that you can be seen in a timely manner after scheduling your session. Plus, while you’re waiting for your appointment to come around, maybe I’ll see you at one of my upcoming classes or events. There are plenty to choose from!