Awkward Psychic Moments

Posted by on Jan 23, 2017

As they say in real estate – what matters is location, location, location. I guess that also applies to some extent in my line of work as a psychic medium. It’s always nice to deliver psychic readings in a calm, quiet, clean, comfortable location. Nowadays, I deliver private readings (and small family sessions) via my office near 120th and L Street in Omaha. My public gallery readings and spiritual lectures take place in state of the art conference rooms and beautiful hotel ballrooms across the country. And, I’m very grateful for that – because earlier in my career I gave plenty of readings in less than ideal settings.

I used to do these “psychic house parties” – providing entertainment and a little spiritual insight to ten or fifteen people who were looking for a good time. The host would set it up and invite me over to their house to give readings to their friends and family. It made for a fun evening (usually). I’d pretty much travel anywhere within a 50 mile radius of my home town of Omaha. Sometimes the houses were a ways off the beaten path and I secretly wondred if someday I’d end up locked in the cellar of a fundamentalist Christian’s house who thought I was the devil himself for communicating with spirits for a living. Thankfully, that never happened.

I did these little gigs at every place imaginable – fancy suburban homes, trendy downtown apartments, condos, townhomes, farmhouses, trailer parks, garages, basements (both finished and unfinished), pool houses, etc. Most of the time, the host of the party would set me up in a cozy, clean, quiet location that was ideal for getting into my psychic groove. In no particular order . . . here are a few odd/funny situations I’ve found myself in.

  1. In a garage, giving readings in a lawn chair, while sitting next to a $100,000 race car that was being restored.
  2. In a cramped apartment bedroom, sitting knee to knee with a guy who was high out of his mind. He asked me about the consciousness of Buddha and thought that everything I had to say was the most profound thing he had ever heard. Duuuuuude.
  3. Giving psychic readings on a back deck in July while being eaten alive by mosquitoes and seating so much that my shirt was stuck to my back.
  4. The time a wife hosted a psychic party but her husband was a no-nonsense skeptic who wanted no part in the “psychic mumbo jumbo”. She MADE him take a turn getting a reading from me. I thought the blood vessel in his forehead was about to rupture. No, it was not a pleasant interaction.
  5. The time I gave readings in an unfinished basement and a mouse kept darting around the floor. He eventually scurried underneath my chair and set up camp there. It had me on pins and needles the rest of the night. Try relaying messages from spirits while simultaneously being afraid that a mouse will run up your leg at any moment. Needless to say, I tried extra hard to stay focused that night.
  6. I walked into a house that I THOUGHT was my destination. I took off my shoes at the door and everyone greeted me and looked happy to see me. Come to find out, I had entered the wrong house. They were nice about it and suggested I stay anyways. When back in my car, I doubled checked my GPS and realized the house I was looking for was a few doors down.
  7. One time the host of the psychic party was so intoxicated when it came time for her turn that I had to politely suggest we reschedule her reading for another day.
  8. At one psychic party, I needed a restroom break in-between giving readings. There was no lock on the door, and one of the guests walked in on me as I was doing my business. Thankfully, I had my back to her and she didn’t see my crystal balls.
  9. I’ve given readings in a child’s bedroom with toys and stuffed animals surrounding me on all sides. I tripped on a pile of Legos while trying to leave the room.
  10. Then there was the time I was giving a reading to a lady and she began breast feeding her baby right in front of me without warning. No cover. No shame. It wasn’t discrete at all. For the record, I’m supportive of mothers being able to breast feed in public. A baby has to eat when a baby has to eat. But it was certainly unexpected, and all I could do was pretend I didn’t notice and continue to provide her with answers and insight about her life. I didn’t dare look down though, and I’m sure I was squirming in my seat just a little bit.
  11. On several occasions, the host’s dog or cat wandered into my designated room and curled up on my lap as I was giving psychic readings.
  12. Last but not least – there was the time I gave readings inside a pool house. The host insisted I give readings by candlelight in the dark. I explained to her that it’s not a dark or mystical or mysterious process to deliver psychic readings, and it’s perfectly okay to leave the lights on. She was a sweet lady, and wanted the mood to be “just right” for everyone receiving readings, so I shrugged my shoulders and politely obliged.

I could go on and on. In hindsight, these experiences make for good stories, and it’s fun to look back on that chapter of my career with fondness. However, I don’t do those in-home psychic parties anymore. I’ve shifted to a more professional approach to how I offer my services, and prefer to do them in a more controlled settings such as hotel ballrooms, conference rooms, and my private office. I’m less concerned about people viewing me as entertainment, and am more focused on providing inspiration, validation, and direction to my clients. Anyway, I hope this article gave you a few chuckles. If you’re one of the sweet people who played host to me at your house . . . thank you. And thanks to everyone out there who reads my blog.