Soul Mates

Posted by on Sep 17, 2016

Soul mates. These two little words make some people roll their eyes in disgust. Others find the idea of soul mates so romantic they have little hearts floating out of their eyes like a cartoon character. I’m not a love expert, and I certainly don’t wear little diapers and shoot heart-shaped arrows at unsuspecting love interests like Cupid does (trust me, the general public should be thankful for this). However, I do believe in the concept of soul mates. How could I not? I believe I’m married to mine. I guess you can’t blame some people for not believing in soul mates, though. Perhaps it’s something you have to personally experience in order to believe. I’ve known people who said they didn’t believe in aliens until a space ship glided silently over their house one night. I’ve met people who didn’t believe in ghosts until they saw one with their own eyes, and I’ve heard people say they didn’t believe in an afterlife until they had a near death experience where they spoke to God.

So, what is a soul mate, exactly? It’s your best friend; your perfect match; the soul who resonates at a frequency most similar to yours – not just in this lifetime, but all the lifetimes throughout the eons. A soul mate is not “your other half” as some of us have been led to believe by Hollywood and romance novels. Believe me, we’re perfectly in-tact and whole all by ourselves. It’s not like God sliced us in half like navel oranges and expects us to find our other half before feeling complete again. You are complete and whole and perfect, whether or not you ever cross paths with your soul mate.

But, finding your soul mate is a feeling like no other. You’ll certainly be a better version of yourself when you have your soul mate in your life. Meeting them for the first time is like finding something you never even knew you were missing. It’s a familiar feeling loaded with enough déjà vu to give you a high that any adrenaline junky would be jealous of. When soul mates are together, they’re usually in synch. They can’t exactly read each other’s minds, but often come pretty close. It’s a cosmic connection that’s really quite hard to explain. Soul mates “get” each other. They’re often very similar in personality and demeanor, although their individual likes, dislikes, and preferences may differ just a bit. The ways in which they’re different will act as a type of counterweight so they’re always able to find balance together.

That being said, if you’re married to your soul mate, it’s not a guarantee that every day will be without its challenges. Like any married couple, soul mates have to work at their relationship. There are destined to be challenging times, but in the end soul mates stick together because they have a tendency to bring out the best in each other (not the worst in each other).

Your soul mate does not have to be a person you’re romantically involved with, but most of the time this is the case. How can you tell if you’re with your soul mate? Simply put, if you even have to ask that question or aren’t sure of the answer, then your significant other is probably not your soul mate. If he or she was, you would simply know it. And, your partner would feel the exact same way. Again, soul mates are balanced. Their relationships are not one-sided or lopsided.

If it just dawned on you that you’re not with your soul mate, please don’t panic. The vast majority of individuals haven’t yet crossed paths with their mate of all souls (not in this lifetime anyway). It’s a big world out there. There are 7.5 billion people on this planet and five times as many in Heaven awaiting their next lifetime. This makes it mathematically rare that you’d bump into your “other half” during this one, brief experience on Earth.

The most important component of a relationship isn’t the “soul mate” label. The most important thing is that you’re with someone who respects you, makes you laugh, and treats you right. Does your significant other make you feel amazing? Does he or she add to your happiness levels? Is your partner the one you want to be by your side when you’re having a rotten day? Can you trust your spouse? If so, then you’ve got the makings of a health relationship, soul mate or not. Whoever you love, be sure to squeeze your partner extra tight tonight. And, if you’re hugging your soul mate, you might feel your souls intertwine for just a brief moment like the double helix of a DNA strand. Don’t worry, they twist apart just as easily, and you won’t need to call the fire department to get untangled.