I’ve taken questions from callers for many years on Omaha’s Q98.5 FM morning radio show, giving psychic readings on live air. One morning, the hosts of the show, Pat and J.T., asked me to answer a question someone e-mailed to the station. A lady who was a fan of the show wrote in, asking for some assurance her uncle in Heaven was doing okay. Her name was Jennifer, and she missed her uncle dearly.

Intuition is not restricted by time, space, location, or technology. Reading a person through e-mail or relaying a message over the phone works just the same as it does in person. I could immediately feel the presence of Jennifer’s uncle in Heaven. He told me he was having  a grand old time on the Other Side. He said he was spending much of his time fly fishing in pristine streams that sparkled with the beauty of a thousand stars. This uncle said he was with his brother over there, and his brother also loved to fish.

I delivered this information as it came to me, but since this was an e-mail question Jennifer had sent, there was no way to verify or validate the messages from her uncle. Moments later, the station received a follow-up e-mail from Jennifer. She was listening to the live show, and immediately responded with some feedback! She was thrilled beyond belief that her question was chosen and answered from the dozens of others who e-mailed the station.

Jennifer verified that her uncle did like to go fly fishing when he was alive. He did, in fact, have a brother (Jennifer’s other uncle), who was also deceased. Jennifer told us her uncles loved to go fishing together whenever possible. She said her favorite uncle didn’t just take a casual interest in fly fishing. He was a fly fishing fanatic! Jennifer said he was a certified master casting instructor for other fly fishers when he was alive.

Hearing J.T. read the follow-up e-mail from Jennifer was touching. For Jennifer (and the rest of us) it was proof positive her uncle is alive and well on the Other Side, still fly fishing like he did in life. In that moment, I had to admit I didn’t know there was such a thing as a master fly fisherman or a casting instructor.

After all, I live in Omaha, Nebraska. Here, fly fishing is about as common as surfing and scuba diving. My idea of fishing consists of getting the fishing line snagged on tree branches in the muddy Missouri River. Nevertheless, there is fly fishing in Heaven. Maybe Jennifer’s uncle will give us all a lesson when we get there someday (although, I hope he’s not keeping my seat warm for me, because I don’t plan on crossing over any time soon).

Written by Andy Myers