This is a continuation an article I wrote a while back.

  1. There is no such thing as a silly question. If the question is important enough to ask during your psychic reading or life coaching session, then it deserves an answer. I’ll gladly provide my clients with information on just about any topic they find important.
  2. It’s not helpful to talk about your past psychic readings. You wouldn’t believe how many people waste time talking about good, horrible, and average psychic readings they’ve had with other psychics in the past. To get the most out of the time we have together, it’s best to focus on the reading taking place.
  3. I don’t need to see a picture of your deceased loved ones to make a connection with them in spirit, but sometimes it’s nice to see a picture simply because it’s a good way of honoring them and keeping their memory alive. I always love it when at the end of a session my client shows me a picture of the person we’ve been communicating with.
  4. I prefer giving in-person psychic readings but phone and Skype sessions are just as accurate. The biggest barrier in giving phone or Skype session is the technology itself. If you’re calling me for your over-the-phone reading, land lines are best because cell phones often cut in and out, which disrupts my ability to hear you.
  5. Saying you’re skeptical is like calling me a scam artist, so please choose your words carefully. It’s okay to say, “I’m new to this,” or, “I’ve never done this before so I’m not sure what to expect.” When a person says they’re skeptical, it’s the same as saying they don’t believe I can do what I claim I can do. It’s a very passive-aggressive statement that I’ve never cared for. Ironically, those same people who arrive at my office skeptical will often leave believers, but the word “skeptic” has always left a sour taste in my mouth.
  6. I believe in God. I can’t help but chuckle when people ask if I believe in God. Of course I do! For crying out loud, when I communicate with deceased loved ones, they’re speaking to me from Heaven. How could I not believe in God and Heaven? I believe in angels, too. Some have wings and some don’t. Guardian angels are hilarious, by the way!
  7. My psychic readings recently increased to 45 minutes at no extra cost. That’s right! In a world where everything seems too good to be true, this deal is not. No gimmicks, no hidden costs, no strings attached . . . just more time. I found that my typical 30 minute sessions always turned into 45 minute readings anyway, so this was just my way of finally making it official.
  8. People who see me today have more issues than people did five or six years ago. Maybe it’s due to the stress and anxiety the world is causing many of us to feel, but the clients I have nowadays seem to be in much worse shape than those of a few years ago. People seem to be more depressed, more on edge, and dealing with more stressful life situations than I’ve ever seen before. The silver lining is that times of great challenge create opportunities for spiritual growth. In addition to being a psychic medium, I’m also a life coach, and people really keep me on my toes with the wide array of problems they need help with.
  9. It’s okay to be nervous leading up to your appointment. Most people are! It’s probably a mix of excitement and anticipation, but the majority of clients I meet with for the first time admit to being a little jittery at the beginning of their appointment. Those nerves quickly vanish ones our session begins. I’m about as intimidating as a baby bunny, by the way.
  10. It’s helpful to have a list of questions or topics in mind when you meet with me. You’re not required to have a list of questions ready, but it’s a good idea to be prepared. Otherwise, you might forget to ask something important. I don’t want you to lose sleep over that, so please have a few notes jotted down for yourself.