The Real Deal

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I have someone who handles my schedule and books appointments for me when people call the office. However, one day in passing, the phone was ringing so I impulsively answered it. There was a pleasant voice on the other end – a young lady who claimed she came across my Facebook page and was eager to schedule a psychic readings with me. “You’re the real deal,” she exclaimed with a giddy tone in her voice. “I can’t believe I’m actually talking to a celebrity on the phone!” she said. I was flattered, and I asked if she had been referred by a friend or family member who had previous seen me. The...

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Precognitive Dreams

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A precognitive dream is a nightly dream that later comes true in real life. It’s a sneak peek into the future. It’s a hiccup in the space-time fabric of the universe which allows us to preview events that have not yet happened. From an intuitive standpoint, I have a theory as to why this occurs. Intuition (psychic ability) has a tendency to accumulate inside our system. At the risk of sounding crude, I’ll compare it to gas building up inside of us. When we don’t listen to our gut instincts, act on our hunches, and purposefully use our sixth sense, our intuition grows to uncomfortable levels...

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Congratulations from Heaven

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When people schedule a psychic reading with me, my job is to relay as much validating and specific information as possible from their loved ones in Heaven. The goal? To provide proof of an afterlife; to provide evidence that our departed friends and family are still with us in spirit and see what we’re up to on a daily basis. But, sometimes you don’t even need the help of a psychic medium to receive a little sign or message from Heaven. They’re capable of bypassing a middle-man like myself and delivering the message themselves. Here’s one such story that proves how...

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20 Random Facts

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Many people ask me questions about my personal life, my background, etc. There’s more to me than my profession as a psychic medium, author, and speaker. Like you, I DO have a life outside my work. In an effort to help you all get to know me better, here are some fun-facts you might not have known . . . I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, and have lived here my whole life. I’ve traveled to around 30 states and it’s on my bucket list to see all 50. Pizza is my favorite food (sorry to be so predictable). Fall is my favorite season and Halloween is probably my favorite holiday....

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The Language of Heaven

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By a narrow margin, my Facebook followers voted for this article to be about “the language they speak in Heaven”. So here it is . . . I’m not sure if people in Heaven speak Klingon (sorry Star Trek fans). I also doubt people in the afterlife speak Pig Latin either, but you can bet your bottom dollar that many of them are fluent in sarcasm (just like they were in life). Truthfully, spirits in Heaven don’t even require a spoken language like we do on Earth. Believe it or not, they often communicate telepathically with one another. This means they essentially read each other’s thoughts in an...

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Practice Patience

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If you’re looking to schedule a reading with a psychic medium in Omaha, there are plenty to choose from. Some of them can even accommodate you if you’re looking to be seen TODAY. But, in order to meet with a reputable psychic (or any respectable professional in their given field) you might have to wait a bit. Quality is worth waiting for. When you go to a popular restaurant at 7:00 on a Friday night, you can expect a half hour wait or so . . . and it’s well worth the wait when you take that first bite, isn’t it? Patience is not a strength for many of us (myself included), and this is why I...

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