Bizarre Questions and Curiosities

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There’s something about making lists that leaves me feeling good and centered and balanced. Maybe it’s the neatness of having things listed in a row. Maybe it simply feeds that little part of me that’s obsessive compulsive. At any rate, here’s another list-blog for you; a “log”, if you will. It’s merely a collection of random thoughts and ponderings I’ve had over the years – lighthearted curiosities about metaphysical and spiritual and paranormal topics. Contrary to what some people might think, psychics don’t have all the answers. Being intuitive doesn’t grant a person unlimited access to...

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Guardian Angel Suggestions

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By an overwhelming majority of votes, my Facebook peeps suggested this article be about connecting with guardian angels (spirit guides). Communicating with your spiritual army of helpers is kind of like parenting. What works for some people won’t work for others. And some techniques that others have found ineffective might work tremendously well for you. It’s very individualized and sometimes it’s just a matter of trial and error – figuring out which methods make you feel more connected with your spiritual helpers. So here it is – my two cents on communicating with spirit guides; a top ten...

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Past Life Similarities

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It always amazes me how similar some of our past lives can be to our current one. In a weird, roundabout way, history often repeats itself. In many of my psychic readings in Omaha (and other cities) I describe to my clients the details of a few of their past lifetimes. I see the images in my mind’s eye, and tell my clients what I see. Past lives aren’t always similar to our current one, but it’s certainly interesting when this happens. The particular psychic reading described below took place just the other night, and it was interesting enough that I decided to type it up and share it with...

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Celebrity Old Souls List

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I’m not all that up to date on my Hollywood gossip. Not by a long shot. About the closest I come to keeping tabs on the personal lives of celebrities is that I know Jennifer Aniston is a free-spirited, holistic-minded hippie in real life. There are two reasons this information is relevant to me. First and foremost, it’s because I had a colossal, mega-crush on her back in the late 90s when the show Friends was at its peak. I remember hearing something or reading something stating that Jennifer Aniston should have played the role of Phoebe rather than Rachel, because Aniston’s real life...

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Tips To Make 2018 Awesome

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In no particular order, here is a list of suggestions that I personally and intuitively feel will improve your chances of making 2018 the best year ever! Let go of the past. You can’t move forward very effectively carrying old baggage. Declutter. A balanced and clean living space translates to mental clarity and peace of mind. Let go of relationships that are emotionally draining and nurture the ones that are healthy. Travel often. Even a short weekend road trip is enough to mix up your routine and keep things fresh. Balance your spiritual and philosophical side with some jokes and laughter....

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Important Change of Services

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Back in October, I made an important announcement regarding the services I offer. I’ve gotten word that some people mistook the announcement to mean I’m no longer doing readings anymore. This is inaccurate and untrue. I’m staying as busy as ever with psychic readings – I have small group sessions and private readings available for those interested in the following areas: life coaching, family issues, future predictions, relationship guidance, health insights, career advice, information on kids and family, direction moving forward, past life readings, information on guardian angels, and so...

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