A Little Green Tumbleweed

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Have you ever found money on the ground, only to realize you actually needed that exact amount of cash later in the day? The “universal ATM,” as I call it, doesn’t always plop down twenty-dollar bills in our path. But, when it happens, it’s usually for a good reason. Finding money on the ground is definitely a “yippee” moment most of us have experienced before. There’s something about it that makes us feel like a California gold rush prospector staking a claim. Before you run off screaming, “There’s gold in them thar hills,” keep your cool, and remember, you’re probably going to need that...

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Heaven Knows About The Harley

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Rick was a client of mine a few years ago. He and his girlfriend came to my office. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. Let me correct myself. Rick was dragged to my office by his girlfriend, who insisted he needed a reading with me in order to connect with his deceased father. Rick had a gentle demeanor and seemed to be a sensitive man. But he was new to the whole psychic thing, and he was clearly a bit nervous. His girlfriend, on the other hand, was on the edge of her seat. She was already a believer but wanted Rick to have his own experience – his own “wow” moment. Rick didn’t look...

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Funny Travel Stories

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I travel often to conduct psychic shows in cities around the country. Every time I’m on the road (and even sometimes when I’m in my home city of Omaha) I see and experience things that make me laugh – memorable and unexpected happenings that stick with me for years to come. Some are related to my work as a psychic medium, but some of these oddball occurrences simply happened while travelling to or from the event itself . . . One time while doing a “Heaven on Earth” Gallery Reading in Kansas City, a staff member from the hotel came up to me after the show and said, “Hey, are you Andy Myers?...

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A Poem for Old Souls

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This is a poem for old souls Living in a world that pushes and pulls Fate and destiny, living life as you planned it While feeling like an alien on a strange planet Wise beyond your years, yet hungry for knowledge The Earth is your campus, your life is the college Searching for substance in everything you do Unlocking life’s mysteries and looking for clues Playing spiritual hopscotch and searching for meaning While your mind is straight but your heart is leaning You’re accepted by many but understood by few A social chameleon through and through Cultured and worldly, a jack of all trades...

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Coping with Funky Vibes

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I asked my Facebook followers for topic ideas for my next blog. One person suggested I share some tips about how to function normally when the vibes in the air are heavy or negative. I thought that was a relevant topic to everyone, so here it goes . . . The truth is, I myself am sometimes affected by the collective energy in the air. When you’re intuitive, psychic, sensitive to energies, perceptive to the moods of others, or just plain kind-hearted, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the energies of the people and places you’ve been exposed to. Some days, I feel like I’ve been round-house...

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You’ve Got To Be Rugging Kidding Me

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I give so many psychic readings each year that it’s impossible to recall the details of each one. However, I’ll never forget the time I did a small group readings for “the three amigos”. They were friendly enough, although their attitudes were a bit nonchalant. They seemed indifferent about their readings. None of them had pressing issues or particular questions for me. I think they just wanted to dip their toes in the psychic waters, and were curious to see what I could tell them. As the reading progressed, it didn’t take long for me to realize I had “fence-sitters” on my hand. They didn’t...

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