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Official 2018 Events List

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Here it is . . . a complete list of classes and events I’m offering in Omaha in 2018. There’s something for everyone – psychic events, live readings, classes on ghosts and angels and reincarnation. There are meditation workshops, lectures pertaining to your love life, and everything in-between. In the mix are SIX new events that weren’t offered in 2017. Tickets are not yet available for these Omaha events but they will be in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. I’ll also be doing nearly a dozen events in other cities around the country. The details of those events are still pending, and tickets...

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The Real Meaning of Karma

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“Karma’s a bitch.” That’s how the saying goes. But I’m not entirely sure the saying is accurate. Karma is a tricky little thing – she’s an often misunderstood enigma. You could say she’s unavoidable or even indifferent. But, a bitch? Well that’s a little harsh in my opinion. You see, karma is not to be confused with a vendetta. It’s not exactly retaliation from an angry god or revenge from a Universe that desires “an eye for an eye”. We humans (especially those of us who like actions movies) enjoy the stereotypical definition of karma because we like to see people pay for their crimes. In...

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2018 Events

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Just wanted to give you all an update that my staff and I are working hard on planning my 2018 roster of events in Omaha (and other cities around the country). It’s still yet to be determined what cities I’ll be conducting psychic events in, but Kansas City, Des Moines, and Minneapolis are likely candidates, and Phoenix, Portland, Milwaukee, and possibly Boston are also on the short list of possible places I’ll travel to next year. For years, I’ve always conducted “Heaven on Earth” gallery readings when I travel outside of Omaha, but in 2018 I’m thinking about spicing things up a bit and...

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Tap Your Psychic Keg

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My followers on my “Psychic Medium Andy Myers” Facebook page pretty much have free reign over this blog. I rarely post an article that’s my own idea. Each article comes from the masses. I offer up multiple choices and the topics are voted on. The people have spoken, and this time around, the majority of you wanted to read about boosting intuition. It’s a complex subject, but here’s my express lane checkout rendition of how to increase your psychic senses. First of all, believe there is such a thing as intuition. We’re not talking about elves at the North Pole here. Intuition is real. It can...

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The Upside and Downside

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Every job has its ups and downs. Even if you’re one of the lucky few who are currently working in your dream profession, you have to admit that some weeks are better than others. As long as the good weeks still outweigh the bad, it can be advisable to stay put. Then again, if your job sucks the every last drop of sanity from your soul, perhaps it’s time to punch the old time clock one last time and move onto bigger and better things. I’m probably no different than you in that my work keeps me on my toes. Sometimes it’s stressful, often it’s rewarding, and most of the time I consider myself...

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